Chapter 4: How to Start your Company: How to register your company?

Chapter 4: How to  Start your Company: How to register your company?

You should know what type of company do you want to register and form?

If you are alone so  can you just go ahead with proprietorship ? or there is need to go for partnership?

If you don’t have initial funding for starting a business then should you raise money by partnership or limited liability LLP or Pvt ltd company? Each has its advantages and disadvantages. You will have to study all types and based on your need select the best suitable company for you.

I wanted to start a bigger company with higher growth around Pune and Maharashtra, so i registered my company as pvt ltd. In this you can raise money by selling the shares of the company.

You have studied all this videos before you do the registration of your company ?

Difference between Proprietorship vs Partnership vs LLP vs Pvt Ltd Company

How to start a Partnership in India?

Why an LLP is better than a Partnership?

 Difference between LLP and Pvt Ltd company in India

Understanding LLP – Limited liability partnership for India

How to form a private limited company in India?

Thanks for taking your time and going through the whole article. I will be adding more details about my initial business planning and implementation of strategy.

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