“Money doesn’t make you rich or poor, education does! ” Robert Kiyosaki

To start your own start up or physio clinic or rehab centers you should educate how to start the business.

Most us believe that one we compete our graduation or post graduation is done our education is over. That is completely not true. We have knowledge and information about the subject but we still lack application of this knowledge in clinical application. Sometime the college education may be sufficient enough to do job in a institute but it definitely not sufficient in private practice and starting your own start up.  We need to develop extra skills other than clinical skills. You should have good financial education and learn  how to communicate, how to sell? how to manage your time and money? How to do billing and get paid well? All this you can’t learn in your college.  This we only learn through process of doing in the real world. This is where we understand that we still need to learn a lot.

  1. Professional education
  2. How to become a great leader? Simen Sinek
  3. Education of Financial intelligence. Robert Kiyosaki
  4. Education for “how to become entrepreneur “. Patrik Bet David
  5. Education for sells training. Grand Cardone
  1. Professional education:

Our education doesn’t end after graduation and post-graduation. We need keep learning different clinical skills. So you  need keep learning different workshops which improves your desired skills. I keep attending different workshop in neuro rehab which helps me understand neuro rehab more efficiently.

  • Leadership :

How to become a great leader? Get educated for how to be a leader.

To start your own start up for your physio opd/clinic or rehab center , You should develop good leadership skills and higher purpose of life.

As a leader you should know
1. Good communication skills
2. Great oration skills
3. Motivational speaker
4. Ability to transform people’s life

If people believes in your leadership skills and your purpose of life they will join you on their own. Soon your mission will become their mission.

Simen Sinek has given excellent talk on leadership. please click here to know more about leadership

“You need to be great leader to become successful business man”

Simen Sinek taught me that you need to learn how to be a great leader before running a department/ rehab centre/ business. Please click her to find my blog on videos of Simen Sinek

I have shared all the details about my experiences of my  transition from manager to a leader in my blog “Being HOD of Physiotherapy and rehab Dept”

3. Financial Education :

You need to invest in financial education. Robert Kiyosaki has written lots of books on financial education and literacy. For more details about Robert Kiyosaki please refere my blog on Robert Kiyosaki

I got to know about Rich Dad poor dad from my friend Deeraj Kaveri. He advised me to read this book. This is the best selling book for 8 years in wall street. It gave very good insight  how we all taught differently about money and financial education.  I liked the book so much that i bought most the book released.

To start your own start up or physio clinic or rehab centres you should educate how to start the business. Business triangle:

Business triangle:IMG_3967

4. Entrepreneurship: How to become Entrepreneur?

List of entrepreneurs and their  videos i studied and advised you to study before to start up.

  1. Patric Bet David
  2. Grand Cardon
  3. Naveen Jain
  4. Elon Musk
  5. Steve Job

 Petric Bet -David (click here for more details) 

5. Sales Training: Grand Cordon is the world’s best sales training expert.

Grand Cardone’s Video’s (click here for more details)

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