“Money doesn’t make you rich or poor, education does! ” Robert Kiyosaki To start your own start up or physio clinic or rehab centers you should educate how to start the business. Most us believe that one we compete our graduation or post graduation is done our education is over. That is completely not true.Continue reading “Chapter 1. INVESTMENT IN EDUCATION”

Chapter 2: How to build the business?

Why do people do business? Money Growth Hate job Want more free time other If you you build the business only for above reasons it will grow but not it will be not the world class business solving bigger problem. Best way to do business is to solve a problem. If you give solution toContinue reading “Chapter 2: How to build the business?”

Chapter 3: Motivation – Keep yourself Motivated

Chapter 3:  Motivation : Keep yourself Motivated If you are starting new set up, you need to keep yourself motivated always. Road to starting a business is very rough and difficult. You will have minimum 2-3 start up failure before you learn the rules and process of doing this better. many times you feel like whyContinue reading “Chapter 3: Motivation – Keep yourself Motivated”

Chapter 4: How to Start your Company: How to register your company?

Chapter 4: How to  Start your Company: How to register your company? You should know what type of company do you want to register and form? If you are alone so  can you just go ahead with proprietorship ? or there is need to go for partnership? If you don’t have initial funding for startingContinue reading “Chapter 4: How to Start your Company: How to register your company?”